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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 11, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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than you think. i'm kennedy, good night. in bete a safe weekend. >> this is "lou dobbs tonight." lou: good evening, everyone. tonight we finally have the appearance of accountability from the white house. president obama forcing out kathleen sebelius today as the health and human service secretary after the disastrous rollout of obamacare. a colossal and perhaps historical failure, ultimate responsibility of the president himself or it the president heaping praise on secretary kathleen sebelius in the rose garden today for a job well done by making the claim that the majority of obamacare enrollees are people who are without insurance before then massive
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program took effect. >> yes, we lost the first quarter of open woman under the leadership of kathleen sebelius, urging of leadership turned the corner on this. there are 7.5 million people do have the security of health insurance and most of them for the very first time. that is because of the woman sitting next to me here today. lou: secretary kathleen sebelius herself contradicting the president's claim that most of the obamacare enrollees, 7.5 million of them, are newly insured. just yesterday she made a contradiction as she testified before the senate financettee.
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>> i don't know what i'm saying yes or no to. >> i do not have data to give you right now in terms of who exactly was previously uninsured. we are collecting matt. lou: apparently it is all being collected. the problems with is the president referred to in making such light of the day of the launch, on the 31st of march, the day that open woman was supposed to end, just a couple hundred users crash the site testing two weeks before the launch. but the decision was made to go ahead with the rollout anyway. all of this despite 37 unilateral decisions by the president to delay or to change aspects of the law that were not working with either consider consultation. here are some of the biggest or the president announced in july of last year that the employer
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mandate for businesses to provide coverage for their full-time workers was delayed until 2015, the year after, of course, the midterm election. the administration announced in february of this are that the mandate for medium-sized companies to provide coverage for their workers is delayed until the end of 2016. is the president is leaving office after the presidential election. but the individual mandate for health care insurance faces a penalty stands unless your previous policy was canceled because of obamacare. then you have until october 2016 to buy insurance. one month before a new president is elected. in our first guest tonight says americans are really just beginning to learn about the true devastating effects of obamacare and that will only worsen as the law is fully implemented. joining us now is congressman
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blake farenthold. congressman, good to have you with us or you let me begin with the president's reference today to most of those in rowley is having not possessed insurance before. that is the headline because no one had ever made that assertion with her in the administration or outside of it. >> they seem to be able to come up with the numbers that have sued their narrative area so i'm suspect of everything that comes out. hopefully with the departure of kathleen sebelius, we will have someone who can get down into the numbers, someone from the budget department that can actually put on the cap and figure it out. lou: i want to turn to the eric holder hearing at which he appeared for the judiciary committee. you refuse to question him and
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he suggested that there were some very serious reservations. let the audience was and what you have to say on that issue. >> i don't think that mr. holder should be here. he is and content of his body. a call for his resignation and i've sponsored an american citizen that had not complied with one of the justice department's subpoenas and they would be in jail instead of sitting here testifying. beyond the fact is that he testified. >> is testifying as if nothing is wrong. >> your leadership should have that donation. they invited them, do they not? >> we have a constitutional duty
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to provide oversight under the department of justice. so i think the chairman wanted to do that. i would've gone down a different path and i would've wanted some of the underlings to testify. aris the attorney general eric older has communicated that he is not willing to come forward and give us the information that we need an i'm suspect of anything he says. again, we are eroding our own power in congress by letting the administration stonewalled like they are right now. lou: the administration is stonewalling on a host of scandals, including the irs targeting scandal. the justice department surveillance of the associated press and fox news james rosen in particular. the list goes on. "fast and furious", the stonewall has remained intact.
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so responding to your comment, here is the attorney general before a reverend al sharpton's national network area this is what he had to pay, if we can put that up. the last five years have been defined by significant strides in western reforms even in the face of unprecedented ugly and divisive adversity. look at the way the attorney general, speaking of himself in the third person, was treated yesterday by a house committee. what attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment are not so what is your reaction to the attorney general's complaint? >> the democrats really wanted to get roberto gonzalez when he was there with bush. they wanted him to be part of this. you are the american people's lawyer, not the president's lawyer. your duty is to the american people. if the president you need legal
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help, go to the white house counsel. to be accountable to the people and accountable to the law's be unaccountable to law. the fact is that this attorney general has been held in contempt civilly and criminally and nothing has happened or did a referral from the congress to the attorney general in the matter of lois lerner of the irs. what do you think will be the result two. >> unfortunately, i don't think anything will happen the criminal referral or the contempt proceedings are underway in the house. this attorney general has proved that he has nothing but contempt for congress and it is shameful. lou: congressman, thank you for being with us. the president in new york at this hour or he is trying to mobilize midterm democratic voters from some rather aggressive network. the president accusing
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republicans of threatening voter rights in america. >> the right to vote is threatened today in a way that it has not been voting rights act became law nearly five decades ago. across the country republicans have led efforts to pass laws make it harder not easier for people to vote. lou: in the commentary tonight i will be taking up the president's messages and contrasting them with what has been a half-century of earnings in this country. thirty-four states have passed laws that require voters to show some form of identification at the polls. we should keep that in mind. on wall street, stocks at a sold-out sharply for a second day. the dow jones down 143 points. the s&p lost 17. the nasdaq down 54 for the week are in the nasdaq posting losses on the week of more than 3%. crude oil rose 34 cents, and settling just below $134 per
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barrel. the yield on the tenure following to 2.62%. wells fargo bank shares up nearly 1%. wells fargo posting a 14% increase in first-quarter earnings. jpmorgan shares moving in the opposite direction. losing more than 3.5% after a huge earnings miss. new documents reveal some government officials were alert of the gm steering problems this year. tapping sebelius also suffer today for one last problem during her farewell speech. >> their stories are so heartening about finally feeling secure in knowing that they can take care of themselves and their families.
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unfortunately, the page is missing. so i'm just grateful for having had the wonderful opportunity. lou: i think she has just about had enough of washington the day. we are coming right back. stay with us. >> new satellite evidence showing russian troops gathering on the ukraine border. nato says it is proof that russians were not there for russians were not there for training. when folks in the lower 48 think about what they get from alaska,
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lou: is cannot tonight in nevada. he has refused a court order to remove his cattle off federal grazing land.
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an estimated 200 armed federal agents and law-enforcement officers have surrounded the family's ranch 80 miles northeast of las vegas. 200 federal agents and law enforcement officers. he says that his family's cattle have been grazing on that land since the 1880s predating the federal government in the region. for the government says the area is off-limits because it is home to his injured desert tortoise. when they say that again, and and endangered tortoise. the fed's easing 200 cattle. >> just yesterday we saw them.
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the tortoise has been a scapegoat from day one. it is not in danger. it will end with we the people purveyor. lou: nevada's republican governor and dean heller have both condemned the bureau of land management and the department of interior over their treatment of this. and it is extraordinary the number of news organizations that are doing this gory and all of the implications. the obama administration today imposing new sanctions. pro-russian demonstrators ignoring a deadline to leave government buildings in eastern ukraine. like they have occupied since one day. nato is now urging russia to withdraw troops from the eastern ukrainian border and released
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additional satellite images today. nato clas that they show the russian military preparing for an invasion. joining us now is retired colonel robert maginnis. fox news military analyst. great to have you with us. those pictures showed army preparing for invasion map or are they simply preparing as some have suggested for exercises? >> they are dispersed in woodland areas and they are very close to the border. if vladimir putin decides to launch an invasion, he can do it and could probably take over areas. it depends upon the disposition on the other side. for the ukrainian military is located and it would appear that they are dispersed widely.
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and at the same time some of these people you are talking about that occupied buildings are causing instability and you probably have a lot of russian individuals and bad people in their stirring up trouble. it is not the average run-of-the-mill citizen that is doing what you're seeing on your television set every night. lou: nato has been very circumspect in offering some viewers as to how they will respond. the european nations are downright diffident about the obama administration who remains bellicose talking about grave consequences again and the people with the most proximate interest seemed to be the most reluctant to respond, either in terms of a verbal message to vladimir putin were actually
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resisting are moving to resist any possible invasion. >> nato is a very tepid organization. the cold war and after the fall of the iron curtain. you're getting less than 2% invest in and they can project anything. they can hardly defend themselves. if i was knitting along the green line, i'd be very concerned because letterman couldn't have a growing capable military and he is willing to use. in this position is not a joke. it's the last thing that he wants to do, he'd rather intimidating use diplomacy and you'd rather use the price of natural gas to cause people to bow to him. but the last straw, if he thinks he will be embarrassed domestic win nationally, he will use that knowledge or. >> he now has crimea and that is
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no longer a matter of discussion between europe and russia in between this administration and russia. >> alida to spend 300,000 meals ready to eat and a couple of destroyers with the black be. latimer pruden is laughing in moscow and he understands that he has the upper hand and that we are not going to do whatever your and he is plotting all sorts of interesting things. one of the big things is thee nuclear negotiations with the iranians are at he knows they he will be able to manipulate tehran to our disadvantage if we even hint of doing anything to help the ukrainians, whether it be anything beyond this.
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but nothing of substance and the european union is deathly afraid of getting natural gas cut off one of those good to talk with you. lou:nd 26% of you said yes, 74% said no will happen to lois were. lou: be sure to vote on our online question every weekday. cast your vote at and later we will have the quotation of the day. cheryl atkinson speaking out about the higher at at cbs. she says that they killed investigative reporting the number of stories that were
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critical of the white house, including on the faster furies scandal and the benghazi scandal. >> are a lot of questions that need to be asked and answered and it was largely lost in that story as well as far as those who are deciding what goes on in the news. lou: cbs news president david rose, the brother of ben rose. president obama's deputy national security adviser. we're coming right back with much more. lou: the heart lead of the. lou: the heart lead dog why every web user should be concerned coming (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading.
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(agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step.
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(dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited. lou: banks and other businesses not alert or other information exposed by this though called heartbleed bug that was revealed on monday. it essentially puts at risk
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anything that was protected by the widely used open encryption, including passwords, credit card numbers, other sensitive information. who is affected? website operated by yahoo, google, netflix and dozens of others. there are new reports >> it's good to have you here, bob. and it looks like it is ubiquitous. how extensive is a? >> it's very expensive. the limits that are used, it's
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used broadly with the servers as you mentioned throughout a lot of e-commerce sites and social media sites and the rest. lou: so say that again. the ids and passwords for what? >> they may already be gone. >> may have gone out in pulled out the information so you do need to be cautious. so do you recognize that a lot of the big corporations don't regularly patch their servers. it's one of the running jokes in the industry do you just don't apply that and typically you have to apply the package in layers latest one they have to file
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the intermediate ones and apply it to the sir or the writer of what they apply it to. lou: what about google's or microsoft? could they be responsible to close these holes? >> those are three brands that are scared to death to have preaches but technology companies patch reasonably quickly but those that use technology that don't catch on quickly and government in particular does not catch very well for a local government. there is a good reason to be concerned and your router may run the outdated software and the average user has no idea how to patch the product ballot to the telephone or cable
10:29 pm
company is up to them if they will even patch. so there is some concern with the industry. lou: this sounds like it is part of eve user out there and frankly this starts to sound like a really bad joke with the industry that there are no standards sufficient with security to protect users when you see the little s on the url you should be secure that you are secure? back unfortunately you are not but the government has got involved to create malware themselves and secure is the industry joke because they have resources more than those that try to stop the problem. lou: i am skeptical of the industry by self personal
10:30 pm
affirmation or facebook or google's. should we be? >> to talk about the nsa i see more problems of cos divulging information like retailers from targeted or facebook or social media. this is an extraordinary period in technology history >> we need to have a different process you have a lot of exposure going through the market at the moment we have not adopted as an industry the level we currently have. for the last decade be follow the threat with technology over the previous way. level of threat is not unprecedented to rethink how we approach security to address it to. lou: what about this politically correct
10:31 pm
technology every nat people used to block microsoft for the ridiculous launches of incomplete software now they're just too important to criticize. this is deeply disturbing that people say to the other companies clean up your act to start respect your user. >> recognize a lot of the problem is they don't apply the patches when they get them. lou: but there is not even a dialogue or the acknowledgment as if there is so much money that nobody could be as candid or critical as we need them to be. >> part of the problem behind with notification the
10:32 pm
fix is in place and that bad guys can access first so they're not motivated to tell you they have a problem than the clock starts to betty has tobut if they don't te are exposed and there is the problem the liability for your damage for the people that make the decision. lou: that is the first place we should look. >> it is. lou: thank you. we appreciate it. we will be right back. stay with us. the president did just fire kathleen sebelius right? he did fire? he claims the final score with obamacare signifies that she did a great job. the "a team" is your next.
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team" co-founder of rooster and our fox news contributor thank you for being here. now to the bureau of land management standoff are rancher in nevada his family has lived there is 150 years her. they bring in 200 federal agents? thethat echoes of ruby ridge? what are your thoughts or reaction? >> why now? and this has been going on for years he was in violation. is seems for some reason the federal government all of a sudden has an interest in this land. they say the tortoises are endangered lot of them are existing in large quantities
10:37 pm
and are colonized. lou: let's assume. >> to serve beyond a ranch? >> white now? why the extreme action being taken for one particular rancher? >> we're giving the government too much credit. yes you say if it was me there would be a motive like oil or takeover of the land for the cattle but they must have a motive but it is bureaucrats. someone noticed a stupid little bylaw about a tortoise and decided to enforce it and then they got in trouble because you cannot enforce it even though it is irrelevant at this point and they said we will join on. i think this is a microcosm of america. there are two americas those who want to be left alone in those who will not leave them alone. this could become big a catalyst for a war between
10:38 pm
the two groups. lou: i was raised in that part of the world there is a different set of values and basically it comes down that we will snapback you see that from other groups why does the blm department of interior feel entitled and empowered to bring agents to deal with the rancher that the it's a terrific life out there to carry on like this? >> the sentiment is really the federal government we are entitled to whatever we want. there is a large president the government feels entitlement with the massive overreach. private property rights why not surprised they feel a power the hope is the rest of the country will see this
10:39 pm
that it does not affect them they will sit back and let it happen but i think a blase this is our land a and livelihood in you cannot get away with this. now people are aware. as this can affect them this way how can it affect me? >> and in almost every way. >> this is a very symbolic gesture we will live stand-up two-tier in a. we have the second amendment and the nra we should call aggregate their. >> stand up for the american people. >> look at what they have done so far. basically they look like they infringed and everybody's rights what will they send?
10:40 pm
lou: some estimates they have already spent $3 billion chasing this man and his family. it is insane. why are the rest of us going to washington tuesday it in front of the interior? the image that is what drives me crazy where is the indication? >> we have the sandinista, iran contra, the saudi family winked at 9/11. now we have populace that say it is tyranny but the president is cool so i am cool? if this was george debut bush people would be historic -- hysterical. lou: when he sold the department of interior or blm? >> i would not be surprised. [laughter]
10:41 pm
lou: how does this result? there is so desperately dependent upon government because people are denied the truth about their government held many people are insured under obamacare and then just to say we would not bother responding but in this instance with his neighbor's door family they are closing arms around him he is a love. >> i don't know if it will be this issue abutment there is federal overreach for those people better personally affected i will not give up my livelihood i will not budge. this could be it.
10:42 pm
>> if i had terminal cancer i would head down there and fight to the death. lou: freedom is just another word. >> exactly. u: let's hope we can preserve freedom more than a last resort. now as they watch an estimated 200 enforcement officers around the ranch the word of this evening is tyranny as the arbitrary and restrained exercise of power with this crew and depressive abuse. tierney. tyranny. battle for the past week and today on wall street our moody's chief economist will be here what is driving the markets and where did the markets and where did the investors turn on gunderman group is a go.
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lou: a quotation of the day as he watched the standoff in nevada james madison wrote for the excess of power prevails property of no sort is true respected. no man is safe in his opinion his person his faculties or his possessions. stocks posted sharp losses to date moody's chief economist is here. with three triple digits wings what is going on one? >> but the market is still 4 percent higher than was at the 2014 low and early february so i think it is a correction. idle see any evidence of
10:47 pm
revisions of earnings estimates or the dark out look for the economy to justify a much deeper slide. lou: we got a terrific report. that this is a good news certainly having the highest confidence level in nine months index tells us it is overdone and on monday we get a report on march retail sales that is supposed to be up 1%. that could change sentiment on the s&p level. >> you thought this was a correction? >> basically aimed at the most overvalued segment of biotechnology that was the sector over the month of
10:48 pm
march up over 60% year over year so perhaps it is reasonable to expect this type of sell-off adjust the prices with earnings reality lou: with all of the index's what would you say investor should look to with h how strong or weak the economy is? >> keep an eye on housing. j.p. morgan chase is way down. i've looked at data from mortgage bankers association mortgage originations with the purchase of home and refinancing is down more than 50%. we are supposed to have a housing recovery with the
10:49 pm
purchase of a home supposedly they're dumping 14%. that has to be better i will become more worried about equities but of get their hand of housing gathers strength and i am less worried. lou: and the labor market showing strength and resilience. but we don't have the enough data. >> with the jobless claims number the first five we had jobless claims go to 300,000 rehabed year over year gains we are seeing those gains of just 2% we will lot of of the indicators. lou: good to have you here.
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>> please listen to my friend is reports three times a day of the salient -- salem radio network. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect.
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...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited.
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lou: with the of lyndon johnson presidential library obama yesterday talked about how far we have come as a nation since the passage of the civil rights act one half century ago. his speech today before the national action network in contrast of the a conjuring to preserve the electoral system with voter suppression of that long ago era. he said republicans in certain states were trying
10:54 pm
to limit some citizens' rights to vote. how? by creating the extraordinary requirement of voter edification. it is clear he believes our constitution does not protect states' rights nor does he seem to believe there is any role for state power in the federal system of government despite almost 250 years of experience. then again he looks with the state -- a state on the coequal branches of government from the house and the senate. it extends as well to the supreme court and was struck down from the voting rights act of 1965 as chief justice roberts wrote our country has staged in the decade since for the better.
10:55 pm
contrary to the president's words chief justice roberts concluded in a majority opinion many of the rules of the voting rights act are no longer relevan to our time because we are better. but chief justice ruth roberts wrote the country has changed that any discrimination is too much that congress must insure the legislation and it passes to remedy the problem speaks to current conditions. obama resists the clear evidence that the people have made since 1965 because the progress is debt devastating to the ideological narrative that obamacare treasures in the view of the nation and the people. we are not but then of course, neither is
10:56 pm
mr. obama. it will was surprising but the latter will. time for a few of your comments. the poll question whether or not lois lerner will face real consequences generated a lot of response. >> not as long as eric holder is in charge. >> there should be a paddy wagon ready to do take her to the big house. >> it is not taken a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on behind closed doors. there is absolutely no investigation with the cover your but meetings contact us at facebook or twitter or e-mail at the authors of the comments each evening receives a free copy of my book "upheaval". that is it for us.
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